Frequently asked Questions


On the water

Instructions to use your canoe solo or tandem will be given before and during the tour.


Easy is not easy if you flip your canoe and need to swim in a rapid for your life.

We instruct you to wear and use your floating jacket and stay dry.

We provide

life jackets, a first aid kit to every single canoe.

Base camp

We always let our base camp know where we are going and how long we anticipate to be gone. That way someone knows when and where to look for us if we do not return home in time.

What is the first thing I need to do to get my canoe trip started?

A canoe trip starts with sending a email to: – send us your contact info or a short info about the time you have – we get back to you asap.

Can I get maps for my trip ahead of time?

We provide in the next weeks cards on our web page – detailed maps are included in the booked package.

What kind of animals might I see or hear?

Some of the bigger animals we have are moose, whitetail deer, brown bear, wolves (if you are lucky), and plenty of beaver. A few other creatures we have are, beavers, otters, martin, capercaillie, squirrels, and waterfowl.

When is the best time?

There is no best time – just do it! The rivers have always a different look and feel – depends on the water level and mother nature.

Will my cell phone work?

Yes – Finland has one of t he best mobile networks in the world. If you need we equip you with a extra battery charger.

When do you sell your used canoes and rental gear?

If you fall in love with your rental paddle or canoe – just let us know, we will make you a offer!

Is the water clean enough to drink?

We do not recommend to drink it – it may look good if you are out of water, but there is still the chance of getting sick from untreated water from the river or lake. There are still plenty of microorganisms in the water – even in clear streams.

Can I get a canoe on my vehicle?

Yes, if you have some rack-bars  we can help you get a canoe on top.

Can we bring a dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed. It is a good idea to bring a copy of the dog’s rabies certificate with you. Also, the dog should be well behaved.

Any other questions? Please feel free to ask!