Our Mission and Vision

Guide people safely into the Finnish wilderness and bring them back alive and inspired.

Guided groups will become teams that can accomplish any obstacle in their way.

Teaching to paddle and steer a canoe in slow and wild water as well as learn about the finish wilderness.

Our Service

We distance ourselves from mass tourism and large groups and therefore we only take a few guests per week. This allows us to meet the wishes and requirements of our guests at any time and to offer a personal service. That is why we are very flexible in the design of our programs. Our experience – your advantage!

Guided canoe tours

Naarajoki (South-Savo) 1- 7 Days (Pieksämäki – Kangasniemi)

Majavareitti (South-Savo) 1- 3 Days

Oravareitti (South-Savo) 1-5 Days

Suihkolanjoki (South-Savo) 1-5 Days (Jäppilä to Lake Saimaa)

Koitajoki (Karjala) 2-6 Days

Ulpukkareitti (south-Savo) 1-4 Days

Guided snowshoe tours:


Watershed trails tour (Etelä-Savo, East Finland)

5-10 km (Pieksämäki, Watershed trails)

We will hike into the Finnish forest and will cross frozen lakes. The target is a shelter place in the middle of the watershed trails – where we have a wilderness lunch and the chance to do ice fishing and will maybe catch fish. As option we can use the local Tahilampi lake where we can catch salmon.

Guided tour: 1 day, inc. food and ice fishing license for lake Tahilampi in Pieksämäki.

from 149 EUR per Person (minimum of 4 persons)

What you will see on the trip depends largely on the resources of you, and what you want to see.